Remembering Charles Parks

November 8th, 2012 by traviskirspel

On October 25th, Delaware said goodbye to a beloved artist and friend in Charles Parks. Mr. Parks passed on at the age of 90 in Wilmington, Delaware. Just over a year ago, the State of Delaware was honored to accept the generous donation of more than 300 sculptures and personal objects from the famed sculptor’s private studio collection. We thank and celebrate Charles Parks for sharing his art with us and ensuring that Delawareans find beauty and inspiration in his work for generations to come.

Here is just a sampling of Mr. Parks’ large body of work that is now under the care of the State of Delaware:

Also be sure to watch selections from “Charles Parks: Working Artist” on Content Delaware:


Please share any thoughts or memories that you may have about Mr. Parks or his work, some of which can be found in public spaces in the City of Wilmington and across the state and country.

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3 Responses to “Remembering Charles Parks”

  1. Anne Oldach says:

    A great man a devoted family man. Charles Cropper Parks spent his life well. He thought deeply and shared generously. He will be missed by many.

  2. Eugene J. McLane says:

    An exceptional Man and Artist, whose gorgeous sculptures literally stalls the heart in their

    resplendent presentation of their spirit, no matter the subject matter of his offerings.

    Truly a Man for all seasons. who encompassed the genius of his contemporaries

    from Andy Wyeth to Norman Rockwell, sharing their rare talent and unique ability

    to capture the mystical aura of creation itself.

  3. Art Myers says:

    Sometime in the spring of 1986 my wife and I were touring around the
    northeast and found ourselves in the Delaware area. I had just left a engineering job in the Chicago area and had decided to return to professional sculpting. I had received Charles Parks sculpture brochure (still in my library) and so wanted to work in his style. That night in our motel room I looked up his address and in the morning, even thou it was a Sunday, we headed toward his studio on the Brandy Wine river. There it was, and at about 9 am I followed the instruction on the door and rang the bell. Charles answered the door and after introductions and my explaining why we were standing on his doorstep, he invited us in and gave a wonderful tour of the studio. He gave me encouragement to get back into sculpture. (at 51). He made one trip out to Loveland, CO for the Art in the Park show where I got to converse with him again. A true gentleman. As I approach 80, I am starting to look back and for people who have been important to me during my life and searched for Charles today. His passing was a sad note, but he lived a truly good life and I am very grateful that our paths crossed, even if briefly.

    Art Myers 2/1/20145